Steps involved in Newborn Screening

Newborn screening is the first simple step that ensures safety of your baby. Opting for the test provides you with a sterile sample collection kit with a special filter paper.

Step 1: Pre analytical

Sample collection & Transportation: Only a drop of blood is needed as the sample. A well trained laboratory personnel will collect baby's sample on a specialized filter paper. The sample will be processed carefully and sent to our lab for analysis.

Step 2: Analytical

Screening: The baby sample is screened using the most efficient technologies – Tandem Mass Spectrometry(TMS) and ELISA. The samples are tested for over 50 genetic and metabolic conditions.

Step 3: Post Analytical

Test Report: The results are made available within 48 hours for TMS & 5 days for BIO6.

Consultation: Only a small percentage of babies are screened positive. In that case you may be asked for a repeat sample for double confirmation.

If tested positive for Newborn Screening, it is recommended to visit a Metabolic specialist for further testing or advice.

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